For 2021

We at Scottish Supermoto have spent lockdown developing some exciting advancements for Supermoto racing In Scotland. We’re delighted to announce that Scottish Supermoto is now affiliated with the Scottish Auto Cycle Union (SACU), signifying that we now organise and host the official SACU Supermoto Championship for Scotland. In addition, applications for SACU Competition Licenses can be obtained through us if you are a Scottish Supermoto member and a Scotland resident. Our new Annual Scottish Supermoto Race Membership costs £20. Although non-members are very welcome at our race meetings, SACU or ACU Supermoto Competition Licenses are now compulsory if you wish to compete, and championship points will only be awarded to annual Scottish Supermoto members in any Scottish Supermoto championship

Its all about fun

There are various Scottish championship classes including; Adult Supermoto, Junior/Minibike Supermoto and new for 2021, a full Junior Tar-Only Supermoto series designed to encourage and develop Scotland’s future talent. Trophies and prizes are awarded at the presentation at the end of every Sunday for every class. The season finale is our popular annual team Endurance Race. Riders are welcome to attend the track days only; it is not compulsory to race! This is a great way to chat
to experts for advice and see what Supermoto
racing is all about.